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Footballers experience more risk of dying of neurodegenerative disease than the general population:


More likely as a professional footballer.


More likely if you are a midfielder.


More likely if you are a defender

Through repetitive trauma to the brain, according to a University of Glasgow Study. 

Campaign Goals

1. Classify brain injury in football as an industrial injury. Give those ex-pros access to the benefits and care they need and have earned.

2. Fund further research into the practical and preventative support that is needed within the game at all levels.

3. Establish a working group to consider the issues around brain injury and dementia, including in the grassroots and women’s games.


We have over 30 leading former and active players, and 4 ex-Scotland managers.

Sir Alex Ferguson


Gordon Strachan

Alex McLeish

Craig Levein

The Evidence

Studies have shown the risk of death by neurodegenerative brain injuries are higher in footballers.

Our updates

Find our updates and press coverage here. 

Soccer Goal


We are calling on the Scottish Government to use powers they already have and extend Industrial Injuries to long term conditions incurred through football. 

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