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Amanda Kopel, widow of Dundee United Legend Frank Kopel (1949-2014), said:

“The evidence has proven beyond doubt that former players are suffering as they are due to their time in the game. Each new study simply reflects and adds to the growing evidence that has been around for some years now.

“These ex-players are suffering from an industrial injury and the Government must recognise that and give them access to additional benefits and support they may need.

“We’ve known about this for some years now, we were discussing it back when Frankie started having trouble and we’ve been pushing for action ever since.

“None of the players from Frankie’s era were millionaires, it can’t be right that they spend decades entertaining all of us and are then left to struggle along with their loved ones.

“Michael Marra’s campaign is the right one, I am proud to support it and proud to support those ex-players. It’s too late to help Frankie and the others who have passed away but its not too late to help those who are still with us.”


Families of former footballers suffering neurodegenerative diseases have swung behind the Injury Time campaign led by Scottish Labour’s MSP for North East Scotland and the party’s Finance spokesperson Michael Marra.

Compelling evidence has shown that former footballers are 3 times more likely to develop neurodegenerative diseases than the general population, rising to 5 times as likely depending on the position they played.

Marra has called on the Scottish Government to recognise the evidence and designate brain injuries in football as Industrial Injuries, opening up access to additional benefits and support for the affected players.

There is growing support across the football world for this campaign and today we announce the support of the families of high profile sufferers, Billy McNeill, Frank Kopel and Alex Stuart.

You can read more of the coverage of the campaign here:

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